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Fluid Ticket Entry

Fuel costs continue to rise. FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software can provide you with an easy way to track and efficiently manage fuel consumption. You can establish a minimum and maximum miles per gallon by model. Warning messages are displayed on the Fluid Ticket Entry Table as you enter the tickets.

Reports provide you with the ability to track the consumption of your entire fleet. Exception reports show vehicles where consumption is outside the parameters set by you. These reports provide both cost per mile and miles per gallon information.

Fluid tickets are not simply "Fuel" tickets. Oil, hydraulic fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, etc. can all be added on a Fluid Ticket. Also, consumption reports are available for all of these fluids as well as simply fuel. The Fluid Ticket Entry program provides comprehensive fluid management, including fuel management in our Fleet Maintenance Software.

A new ticket is created each time a vehicle is fueled, or a fluid is added. The user inputs the current meter on the ticket. The fleet maintenance software will display the meter reading from the prior ticket. It will calculate the number of miles, hours, or other meter units since the last ticket was entered.

The information on Fluid Tickets is used to check PM schedules and provide cost per mile and cost per hour data in our maintenance software. Fuel information can be entered on fluid tickets. This information is used for fuel consumption, fuel tax, operating cost data and complete fuel management.

Fluid tickets can be entered manually, or they can be entered automatically through a pump interface. The pump interface will import all of the transactions from either an automated fuel pump system, or from a file supplied by a vendor into the Fleet Maintenance Software.

The existing Fluid Tickets are displayed below. Click on the New Button to add a new ticket or click on an existing ticket and then click on the Edit Button to change it. You can also double click on a ticket to edit it.

The Fuel Ticket Entry window is displayed in Browse Mode from the FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software.  Click on the picture to display the full size version.

The Fluid Ticket Entry Table is displayed in Edit Mode below. You can change any of the information for the ticket. Once the changes are complete click on the Save & New Button to save the changes and add a new record, or click on the Save Button to save your changes and return to the prior window, or click on the Undo Button to lose the changes.

The Fuel Ticket Entry window is displayed in Edit Mode from the FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software.  Click on the picture to display the full size version.

Normally, the user must enter the following information on a ticket.

  • Unit ID
  • Tank Code
  • Quantity
  • New Reading

The rest of the information is displayed from the Unit Master Table, the Tank Code Table or other tables. The red box at the bottom of the form displays warning messages.

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